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God's best friend

After tragically losing his two best friends, Gabriel realized he had more friends in heaven than he did on earth. But as that cloud of death enshrouded around him, a gentle voice pierced through and said, “I will be your best friend.”


God’s Best Friend is a brave adventure displaying face to face encounters as well as agonizing defeats. In a transparent journey that will have you in tears one moment and laughter the next, Gabriel holds nothing back in this tell-all tale. Peel back the layers of your own heart as you encounter the pursuit of a God who will stop at nothing for His friends.


Louise doesn’t remember a time that she couldn’t see in the spirit. Even as a child, she would often be found playing hide and go seek with the angels. Throughout her life, her incredible encounters have brought inspiration and impartation such as the “Wakey Wakey story”. Come along the journey as she breaks down the simplicity of seeing in the spirit for you and your kids.

Raising seers

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